Walking Home Alone

by Absent

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released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Absent York, Pennsylvania

Scott: Guitar/Vocals
Shad: Guitar
Andrew: Bass

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Track Name: Sans
I thought that I could hold your hand
But I let it slip from mine again
And the moment it happened
The Smile had gone from my face
I stood outside for hours and watched the rain come down
Waiting for you to come back home
I stood outside for hours and watched the rain come down
Waiting for you to meet me there
I sat alone in my room
Wishing for something to change
We haven't talked for very long
You slipped away and now your gone
Track Name: Friends
I hate my friends
I'd rather be alone
I don't hate my friends
I hate myself
Track Name: The Saddest Smile
I still remember the night you told me everything
The night we were all alone
It was peaceful and calm
The glow of the city lit the sky
We just sat there in silence
But i was okay because I was with you
And then you told me everything
I never knew you had been through so much
I hadn't done even half of what you had
Maybe i was just scared
Maybe i never cared all that much
You looked at me and smiled
The saddest smile that I had ever seen.
Track Name: Park Bench
I saw you sitting there on the park bench
It was raining out but you just sat there anyway
I sat there next to you waiting for the rain to stop
We just sat there in silence
Eventually the rained stopped and I walked you home
And then I walked home alone
It got hard just sitting there so I started drinking
Eventually I passed out
The next day I forgot everything
As I read the text
I had never felt so alone
Track Name: Walking Home Alone
Cigarettes still stain the city sidewalk
as rain ran reminiscent with the road
holding hollow hands across the concrete
not knowing we would never speak again
I walk home alone along the only unlit road
leaving only light footprints later lost to time again.
Track Name: Trees
I am trying to keep my head up
But I keep finding myself staring at my shoes
soaked from the rain that hasn't stopped for days
But i am trying not to care
I am trying to keep my hopes up
But I keep finding myself wishing I was dead
Maybe one day I be able to look in the mirror
And recognize the person looking back at me
Maybe one day I will finally have the courage
To say what i wanted to say
Burn this forest to the ground
Just to get out of this fucking town
Last year I realized that I was going nowhere
You told me that you wanted to go
I begged you to stay
At least that's what I wanted to say
Ill stand at the edge of the town
And stare at these old trees